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Codeine Detox

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Codeine Detox Treatment

Codeine detox can help you overcome your physical dependence to the drug.

Being addicted to codeine is difficult enough without having to cope with the serious effects of detox. Unfortunately, the only way to get past codeine addiction and to come out on top of the game is to make your way through Codeine detox. This will be your first step in recovery and, though it will pose many challenges, it will be vital to your overall success in sobriety. Understanding what you are up against and how you can cope will help you to get past the fear of the unknown and feel better.

What is Codeine Detox?

Codeine detox is the process of overcoming physical dependence on codeine and stabilizing. During codeine detox, the patient will undergo a series of medical interventions and support methods that will assist in the process of overcoming withdrawal symptoms and stabilizing. This process may take a few days or up to a few weeks depending on:

  • how sever the addiction is
  • how long the user has been addicted
  • how much codeine is regularly used
  • whether there are co-occurring addictions
  • the presence of other mental health conditions

What is Codeine Detox Like?

If you’re afraid to undergo detox because you think it will be painful or that you can’t do it, don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from getting the help that you need. Codeine detox is the first step to recovery and despite what you may believe about it being painful or impossible, there is help. If you seek the professional care of a residential detox facility, you can expect to receive medical treatment and support that will make the entire process of detoxifying much easier, more comfortable and acceptable to you.

Will it Hurt?

There may be times when you are uncomfortable in detox but you should not feel severe pain. The purpose of codeine detox is to place you in a medically monitored environment where you can receive treatment and care that prevents withdrawal from getting out of hand. If you have pain, talk with your treatment professional about the discomforts that you are feeling and you should be able to come to an agreement on an appropriate measure of care that will help you to be more comfortable throughout the detoxification process.

How Long with It Take?

Codeine detox can take about 5 days or it can take 10 days or more. For most people, detox will last somewhere between 5 and ten days during which time you will effectively overcome all physical dependence factors associated with the addiction and be prepared for long term recovery and counseling. If you are heavily addicted, suffer from co-occurring health disorders or have been using codeine for a very long time, you may require further treatment and the process of codeine detox may take a bit longer. It’s important to give your body time to adjust and to allow the process of codeine detox to fully integrate so that you feel better and you are fully stabilized in order to effectively be prepared for the counseling and therapy that is to come.

Where do calls go?

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