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Qualities of the Best Codeine Rehab Programs

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Codeine is a highly addictive opioid drug that also carries a great deal of risk for teen users. As the NIDA states, many teens drink “prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine mixed with soda” in order to get high. Others mix it with alcohol which is even more dangerous. Some individuals even abuse codeine as a substitute for heroin and other dangerous opioids. When these behaviors are common, the person clearly requires rehab treatment for codeine abuse.

There are many types of opioid rehab programs, but some specific facilities and programs are especially beneficial to those who abuse codeine. Consider the potential qualities of what are considered the best codeine rehab programs, and ask yourself the most important question: do these qualities benefit my personal recovery?

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Catering to Adolescents

Because codeine is a drug that has been highly abused by a younger population, many individuals require treatment that specifically caters to adolescents. Here are some ways that the best codeine rehab programs can do just that.

  • According to the NIDA, “Adolescents are… especially sensitive to social cues, with peer groups and families being highly influential during this time.” This means many adolescents would benefit from programs with:
      • Group therapy
      • All adolescent patients
      • Family therapy
    • Many facilities exist that are specifically for adolescent patients, and family therapy is often a part of this too. That way, the patient can attend both group therapy and family therapy with some of the individuals who will influence them the most in a positive way.
  • It is helpful when facilities keep adolescents in the loop with their schooling so as not to break that important cycle, allowing adolescents to still attend school (outpatient-based) or help these individuals with school work (inpatient-based)
  • “Adolescent drug abuse is also often associated with other co-occurring mental health problems,” such as ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, and oppositional defiant disorder. Programs that help treat these issues as well, often at inpatient facilities, are likely to be better for adolescents in codeine rehab.

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Providing Pharmacological Treatment

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Look for rehab programs that offer an individualized approach with a range of treatments.

Some rehab programs for codeine and other types of opioid abuse and addiction choose not to use medication. This can be requested by some patients as they believe it will be better for them in the long run if work through their withdrawal and addictions without the help of other medications. But not having the option, should the individual need it, can be very problematic.

SAMHSA states, “Even mild levels of opioid use commonly produce uncomfortable levels of withdrawal symptoms.” And patients who begin on a withdrawal treatment who are able to taper off it in their own time are often more successful than those who do not use one at all. Opioid addiction withdrawal and recovery can be very difficult on the patient and, especially “in a population that tends to have limited tolerance for pain,” there should be an option for controlling that issue and making it easier for patients to go through withdrawal and, subsequently, addiction treatment.

With pharmacological treatments, this can be much more easily achieved. The best codeine rehab facilities provide the option to patients, in case they decide they want to use it, and there is often a stronger recovery for it. It can be very difficult to go through codeine rehab without this option. We can help you find the best treatment program for you. Call 800-291-1732 (Who Answers?) today.

Multiple Treatment Options

If you choose a program that sounds beneficial to you, it might be good to discover that it has multiple treatment options to offer you, in case one does not work. For example, some facilities provide multiple medication options so that, if one is not tolerated well by the patient, they can switch medications without switching facilities based on their doctor’s orders.

There are other ways a facility or program might offer multiple treatments as well. Some programs, like methadone maintenance, may seem to only provide one treatment type (methadone), but they actually are much more varied than that. According to the CDC, “Methadone maintenance treatment… was initially developed during the 1960s as part of a broad, multicomponent treatment program that also emphasized resocialization and vocational training.” The existence of these other treatments along with methadone are one way that the program offers more to its patients in the way of helping them with all aspects of their life.


Whatever it means to you, make sure your codeine rehab program is accessible and easy for you to visit and attend, both in cost and proximity. Patients who live far away from outpatient clinics will likely not continue to visit them every day, and those who do not feel comfortable in their inpatient facilities will not be likely to stay. Make sure that your treatment is easily accessible to you at your codeine rehab program so that it will not be a struggle to get you into treatment when necessary.

A Dedicated Medical Staff

If you feel comfortable with and that you can trust your doctors, nurses, counselors, and other individuals who are caring for you in codeine rehab, you will more than likely have a very beneficial treatment experience. It feels much better to know that you are being taken care of and that you are comfortable with those treating you. Also, you will be more likely to attend treatment as long as necessary, given that you will feel comfortable with and trust your caregivers.

The Overall Use of Therapy as Treatment

While pharmacological treatments are still incredibly important, individuals who attend codeine rehab often need a driving therapeutic force in their treatment program. This way, they can actually consider why they began taking codeine in the first place and how they can start to change their actions toward codeine. This will make their recoveries much stronger because they are not relying fully on the medication as treatment.

The most important quality of the best codeine rehab program is that it fits your needs as a patient. If you are a teenager, consider how your unique needs dictate which treatment type is best for you. If you have different needs, consider them and if those qualities are fitting to them. Codeine rehab isn’t easy, but it can be much smoother if you attend the right rehab program. Let us help you find that program. Call 800-291-1732 (Who Answers?)  for a free treatment consultation today.

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