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Commonly Overlooked Codeine Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

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Codeine addiction withdrawal is a common problem for those who attempt to get sober following extended use of codeine. Some people will not realize that they are actually suffering from withdrawal because they may have been taking codeine for legitimate pain and then stopped when the pain stopped or the problem healed. If you are unaware of the symptoms of withdrawal that you should lookout for, you may easily overlook the symptoms of withdrawal or attribute them to some other condition such as a cold or the flu.

Runny Nose

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Codeine withdrawal sometimes causes muscle pains.

A runny nose is a common problem when an individual is coming off of codeine. The runny nose may last for a few days or even up to a week. Though a runny nose is nothing to really fret over, it can be uncomfortable or irritating to deal with. The best treatment is to allow time as most over the counter cold medications or similar medications are not effective at treating runny nose associated with codeine addiction withdrawal.

Watery Eyes

You may think that you have allergies but in all actuality, you may be suffering from codeine addiction withdrawal. Watery eyes that tear up and flow down the face are common in the early days of withdrawal. These symptoms generally go away within a few days but may persist for up to one week if you are heavily addicted to codeine and do not take any medications to help wean off or reduce your symptoms of withdrawal.

Muscle Aches

Many people who take codeine are already using the medication to cope with pain. If you feel pain and then quit taking codeine, you may continue to feel pain in the early days of withdrawal. The muscle aches that occur in codeine withdrawal will usually subside within about a week but they could become very pronounced and may cause relapse. Be aware of the aches and pains and avoid taking medication to treat the pain unless a doctor prescribes the medication and you take it as prescribed.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are a very common symptom of codeine withdrawal. There are a number of highs and lows associated with recovery. One minute you feel good, the next you don’t. One minute you feel happy, the next you’re sad. One minute you’re having fun, the next you’re miserable. Mood swings may continue for quite some time following your decision to quit using drugs – counseling and therapy can help.

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