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Codeine Addiction Symptoms

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Codeine is a drug that falls into the category of opiates which are a wide range of medically used (as well as non-medically used) drugs that carry a wide potential for abuse. Repeat use of codeine can lead to addiction that requires more than just a will to quit. Codeine addiction often requires medication replacement therapy, counseling, therapy and intensive medical treatment in order to successfully stop using the drug and make a full recovery.

The symptoms of codeine addiction are similar to those of any other opiate or opioid addiction and may include:

  • lacking hygiene or not caring about physical appearance
  • losing control while under the influence of codeine
  • losing ability to control codeine use
  • using codeine even when it is known that the drug will lead to rash consequences
  • suffering legal complications or other problems as a result of codeine use
  • taking codeine around-the-clock
  • spending a lot of time searching for or using codeine
  • suffering physical withdrawal symptoms when not taking codeine

Not all users will feel the same effects when they become addicted to codeine and in some cases, codeine addiction can go unnoticed for a prolonged time before it is recognized. In fact, many users don’ t realize that they are addicted until they actually try to stop taking the drug and begin to feel the effects of withdrawal as their body essentially shuts down and tells them that they need codeine to feel well.

Additional Symptoms of Codeine Addiction

Codeine Addiction Treatment

Codeine addiction symptoms can be cause many problems in your life.

In addition to these symptoms there are some other signs that a user or the loved ones of a codeine user should be on the lookout for.

Family and friends should pay close attention to the following signs of codeine addiction:

  • lying about codeine use
  • denying that there is a problem when confronted about codeine use
  • spending more and more time focused on drugs and less time on family or friends
  • losing a job or failing grades
  • changing friends to spend more time with others who use drugs
  • changes in behavior or attitude
  • compulsive drug use despite the problems that it is causing with family or friends

If you suspect that someone you know is showing any of these symptoms of codeine addiction and needs help, call our helpline at 800-774-6145 for toll-free assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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