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Is Codeine Addictive?

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Codeine addiction

Codeine is addictive!

Codeine is an opiate that is commonly used in the medical field for the treatment of mild to moderate pain. Opiates are widely known for causing addiction that is both difficult to treat and dangerous to live with. Codeine is addictive because it is an opiate that is often combined with other medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Anytime that codeine is taken as prescribed or for recreational purposes there is a risk of physical dependence and addiction occurring.

Many people think that codeine or other dangerous opiates are not addictive if they are prescribed by a doctor and then subsequently taken as prescribed. Unfortunately, this is very far from true and this method of thought has led thousands of people into a whirlwind of addiction and despair. The fact is, opiates are highly addictive substances and whether they are taken as prescribed or they are taken for recreational purposes there is always a high risk of physical & psychological dependence occurring that can result in addiction.

Don’t Think Codeine is Addictive?

If you don’t think that codeine is addictive because it is prescribed by doctors, think again! Did you know that heroin, one of the most dangerous and deadly street drugs known to man, was once widely prescribed by doctors for the treatment of pain? Opiates have had a long road of trial and error during the pat 100 years.

In fact:

  • Heroin was once considered a non-addictive drug that could be used to treat mild to moderate pain
  • Upon the realization that heroin was in fact causing physical dependence, a new opiate derivative was formed—morphine
  • Morphine was considered a non-addictive substitute for heroin that would work to reduce pain and had minimal risk for physical dependence
  • Millions of people were widely prescribed Morphine with the intent that there was little to no risk of physical dependence occurring
  • Years later, doctors realized that Morphine was not only addictive, it was MORE addictive than heroin and the addiction is MORE difficult to treat than heroin addiction

So the next time you want to know if codeine is addictive or you think that a doctors approval of a drug means that it is safe and non-addictive, think again! Trial and error over the years has led millions of people down a long, difficult and dangerous path of addiction and destruction. Although codeine is widely prescribed and has been approved in the medical field for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, there is a wide potential for this drug to cause physical and psychological dependence that can lead to subsequent addiction.

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