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10 Ways Codeine Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

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Codeine is one of the primary opiates used in many painkillers, cough remedies, and some diarrhea medications. Like morphine or heroin, codeine has the potential to be abusive and addictive.

The following are 10 ways codeine addiction can ruin your life:

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1. Uncontrollable Cravings for Codeine

Cravings for the pleasant, relaxing, or euphoric effects of codeine are natural as the drug increases the dopamine levels in the brain which causes a wave of interactions mediating rewards that bear repeating. When the rewards of codeine use overpower the natural rewards that are necessary for survival such as eating or sleeping, things will always take a turn for the worse.

2. Dependence

Repeat use of codeine causes the brain to rely on the presence of the drug to feel good and when the levels of codeine drop, cravings compel them to seek out and use more of the drug to satisfy those cravings or to avoid negative symptoms of withdrawal. Despite the cost to the addict or others, dependence can become a daily chore to seek, obtain, and use the drugs.

3. Negative Behaviors

Codeine addicts do many things they would never do otherwise when they become addicted to opiates like codeine. They may lie, steal, or commit other crimes to obtain the drug and end up losing their freedom, family, home, or job.

4. Increasing Abuse

Simply taking codeine orally is often not enough and the codeine addict may switch to using more rapid delivery methods such as IV use or combining codeine with other substances to enhance the effects increasing their risk of diseases, infections, overdose, or death.

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5. Damaged Relationships

Codeine addicts often get so involved in their codeine use that they neglect their family and other obligations and they may exhibit anger or overbearing emotional reactions if confronted about their use.

6. Damaging Others

The ongoing denials, loss, and mistrust often puts the people closest to the addict in more of an emotional turmoil than what the addict, themselves, are experiencing. When these people fear making matters worse, they thereby, become co-dependents that help maintain the habit to their own detriments.

7. Losing Your Freedom

addiction to codeine

Addiction can wreak havoc on every single aspect of your life. Get help now.

Codeine is a controlled substance by the DEA under various schedules of the CSA depending on the content and formulations of the codeine containing products. It is illegal to possess and thereby use, by anyone for whom it is not intended and penalties can result in arrest.

8. Overdose

Not all codeine overdoses end in fatality. Often, a non-fatal overdose is disregarded by the addict as “luck” when they have probably suffered damages to vital organs including the brain.

9. Psychological Impairments

Judgment, reasoning, focus, emotions, motivations, and memory are all affected by the codeine and addiction can cause these issues to become long-term or permanent conditions that reduce the quality of life.

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10. Physical Impairments

Codeine addicts are often bombarded with physical health problems that become exponentially worse over time, leading to higher overdose risks and deaths from deteriorated health and disregarded health issues.

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